More than a communication agency,
we build relationships with health partners

Our vision is to create
the most compelling stories in healthcare


- Giving meaning to your messages
- Creating the means for your success
- Inspiring your audience
- Thinking outside the box
- Motivating changes in peoples’ vision

We believe in creating content that inspires real change, by truly understanding you and your audience


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Ergonomics & Design

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Prevention and
promotion Hub

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Communication   picto-titre-com  Giving meaning to your projects

Communications plan

Giving coherence to your medical communication actions, creating campaigns with impact, by respecting your environment, your objectives and your targets: patients, users, city doctors, hospitals, internal teams.

Visual identity

Inventing or re-inventing your brand, your identity, your image.
Imagining your graphic territory and creating the visual universe that fits your ideas.


Implementing homogeneous and organized actions to promote your projects: awareness, promotion and marketing campaigns.

Public relations

Facilitating dialogue and establishing a relationship of trust between the press and you in order to publicize events: local, medical and professional press.


Writing the content. Simplifying and shaping your ideas in order to spread your messages in a creative way. Booklets, directory of doctors, activity reporting, brochures, magazines, posters.

Social Media

Developing your social networks to create a buzz around your structure.
Developing your digital strategy, advising, training, designing your editorial and graphic charter, defining your position, guiding you towards the appropriate networks.
Managing your e-reputation, community management, developing engagement between the targeted public and relevant communities.


Giving originality to your communications through illustration, delivering powerful messages. Creating universes that will bring the end user and yourself together.

Digital  picto-titre-digital  Adaptable technologies for your users


Managing your online presence, ensuring your content strategy, creating visibility and traffic. Presenting the scope of your offer, recruiting patients, attracting professionals, involving teams, engaging, convincing.

Responsive web design and multi-device websites easy to administer.

Motion design

Telling a story through animated video, creating interest and curiosity. Motion design makes it possible to carry messages and distribute them widely on the net. Design, productions, animations.

Video recording

We put the teams and the institutions in the spot light. Documentaries, institutional videos, technical presentations, animated videos.


Planing, designing and developing your mobile applications for patients or healthcare professionals. Mobile Applications for interns, direct access to healthcare professionals, post-hospitalization follow-up, mobile medical appointments.

Virtual Visit

Creating an interactive experience with your targets audience and bring an innovative service. Visiting medical platforms, maternity, emergency, operating theater.

Interactive Map

Allowing patients to prepare for their visit. Levels of service anticipated by patients.access map.


Using communication tools and creating effective and inexpensive supports for your employees and your patients.

Ergonomie & Design  picto-titre-ergo  Designing stylish and functional interfaces


Designing and producing functional mockups or prototypes. Providing you with a working evaluation of your ongoing project.

Ergonomics & Design

Creating tools with users to ensure success. We adopt the UX design approach to foster usability, consistency, efficiency and visual organization of information.

Graphic design and web design

Creating an aesthetic and harmonious design between your words, images and colors to attract attention and give real added value.



Designing customized digital training. Producing content, a simple animated presentation or a more complete module that can integrate video, interactions, sophisticated quizzes.


Solutions that boost learning.


Explaining complexity, promoting accessibility to all new tools. Producing up short training courses in the form of videos freely available on the intranet , your e-learning platform or your website.


Rethinking training by imagining it daily and using the current modes of communications. Creating on-line training courses based on a pedagogical performance approach, based on short video modules.


Innovative tools to mobilize the learner.


Prevention and promotion
Tailor-made answers, customized responses

Serious health game

Imagining and realizing cartoons, games, explanatory videos and serious game to change behavior. Providing conditional navigation, collecting information, designing the narrative scheme.

Interactive Quiz

Animating your waiting areas, welcoming your patients. Mobilizing and encouraging new behavior.

Patient TV

Broadcasting content in patients’ rooms to inform, reassure on the road to recovery after medical intervention.


Organizing events, conferences tailored to give you visibility and promote your projects.

Creating relationships, meetings, training courses and captivating audiences.

The tribe

Meet our team and find out what makes us unique.

We are graphic designers, creative copywriters, illustrators, vidéo producers, web developers, mobile and web engineers.

We all have a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and lifestyle industries.

And together, we are Interlude Santé.

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Nathalie Laplace

Camille Allary

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